SMS Marketing for Real Estate Professionals: The Comprehensive Guide for 2024

April 19, 2024
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SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is a potent tool for real estate professionals. It offers a direct and personal way to connect with clients, providing instant communication that can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates.

With a staggering open rate of 98%, compared to 20% for emails, SMS marketing cannot be overlooked in the fast-paced real estate sector.

Why SMS Marketing is Essential for Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to get prospective buyers to opt-in to notifications about new listings, follow up with new leads for potential clients, or thank home buyers for their business, SMS marketing is a great tool for your business.

If you have a real estate lead’s phone number, you can supplement phone calls with text blasts to interested buyers with property information. Have a happy customer? Ask for referrals via SMS text. Got a new listing? Advertise upcoming open houses to interested leads via SMS marketing.

Here are some of the top aspects of SMS marketing that make it essential for real estate professionals.

Immediate and Personal Connection

SMS enables real estate agents to establish a direct line of communication with potential buyers and sellers. This immediacy is crucial in real estate transactions where timing can be the difference between closing a deal and missing out.

High Engagement Rates

Text messages have a higher engagement rate than many other forms of communication. Most texts are read within minutes of receipt, making SMS an excellent choice for time-sensitive communications like price updates, new listings, or changes in meeting schedules.


SMS can be used for a variety of purposes in real estate, from sending property photos and details to scheduling viewings and sending reminders or follow-ups.

Let’s dig into the top benefits that SMS brings to real estate marketing, whether you’re using SMS marketing to send out mass blasts or hols two-way conversations over text.

Top Benefits of SMS in Real Estate Marketing

SMS marketing offers several significant benefits for real estate professionals, helping them engage more effectively with clients and streamline their communication strategies. Here are some of the key advantages:

High Open Rates

SMS messages boast an exceptionally high open rate, typically around 98%, which far surpasses the open rates of email marketing. This ensures that nearly every message sent is seen by the recipient, increasing the likelihood of immediate action or response.

Immediate Delivery and Response

Text messages are delivered instantly and are usually read within minutes of receipt. This immediacy is crucial in the real estate industry where timing can be critical. For instance, informing potential buyers about a new listing as soon as it comes on the market can create a sense of urgency and prompt faster decision-making.

Direct and Personal Communication

SMS allows for direct and personal communication with clients. Real estate agents can personalize messages based on the client’s preferences, past interactions, and the specific context of their needs. This personal touch can enhance the client-agent relationship, building trust and loyalty.

Efficient Follow-ups

Following up with clients through SMS is straightforward and can be automated. Whether it's reminders about appointments, updates on property status, or prompt responses to inquiries, SMS makes these communications efficient and effective.

Increased Engagement

Due to its personal and direct nature, SMS tends to receive higher engagement rates. Recipients are more likely to interact with SMS content, whether it's replying to a text, following a link to a listing, or confirming an appointment. This heightened engagement can lead to more successful conversions and sales.


Compared to many other forms of marketing, SMS marketing is relatively low-cost, especially considering the high engagement rates. It allows real estate professionals to reach a large number of clients without a significant investment, making it a cost-effective solution for both large agencies and individual realtors.

Wider Reach

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages. Unlike app-based messaging systems, SMS doesn’t require the internet, which means you can reach clients regardless of their online status or smartphone capabilities.


SMS can be used in a variety of ways by real estate professionals. From marketing new properties and announcing open houses to providing market updates and soliciting feedback, the versatility of SMS makes it an invaluable tool in a realtor’s arsenal.

Integration with Other Tools

SMS can be seamlessly integrated with other marketing tools and technologies, such as CRM systems, social media platforms, and email marketing campaigns. This integration helps create a cohesive marketing strategy that maximizes reach and effectiveness.

Speed of Feedback

Receiving quick feedback from clients can help real estate professionals adapt and improve their services. SMS surveys and quick response texts can provide immediate insights into client satisfaction and needs.

By harnessing the power of SMS marketing, real estate professionals can not only improve their communication effectiveness but also enhance overall customer service, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty among clients.

How to Implement SMS Marketing in Real Estate

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for real estate professionals, offering a direct and effective way to communicate with clients and enhance engagement. By following legal guidelines, personalizing messages, and integrating SMS into a broader marketing strategy, real estate professionals can leverage SMS to its full potential, ensuring better communication and increased sales opportunities.

1. Get Consent from Your Clients

Before sending any marketing texts, it's crucial to obtain explicit consent from your clients. This not only complies with legal standards such as the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) but also builds trust with your clients.

2. Craft Compelling Messages

Your texts should be concise, clear, and provide value to the recipient. Whether you're announcing a new listing, a price drop, or sharing market insights, ensure your message is targeted and relevant.

3. Personalize Your Communication

Personalization can significantly increase response rates. Use the recipient's name, reference specific properties they've shown interest in, or follow up on previous interactions.

4. Time Your Messages Right

Timing is everything in real estate. Send texts at appropriate times, avoiding early mornings or late nights. Also, consider the content of the message when choosing the time— for example, send open house reminders a day before the event.

5. Utilize Automation Tools

Leverage SMS marketing platforms that allow you to schedule messages, segment your audience, and automate responses. This technology can save time and improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

Best Practices for SMS Marketing in Real Estate

Incorporate these strategies into your real estate business to see a marked improvement in client interaction and overall marketing success.

Compliance and Ethics

Always adhere to legal requirements and ethical guidelines. Ensure you have permission to text someone and provide an easy way for recipients to opt-out of receiving future messages.

Integration with Other Marketing Channels

Integrate SMS with your other marketing channels, such as email, social media, and your website. This creates a cohesive marketing strategy that can amplify your reach and effectiveness.

Monitor and Adapt

Regularly analyze the performance of your SMS campaigns. Look at metrics like open rates, response rates, and conversion rates to understand what works and what doesn’t, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Offer Real Value

Each message should offer something of value to the recipient. Whether it's exclusive information, a first look at a new property, or practical advice, make sure your texts contribute positively to the client's experience.

The Best Real Estate Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Real estate companies have utilized SMS marketing with considerable success, capitalizing on its immediacy and high engagement rates. Here are a few specific examples of successful SMS campaigns run by real estate entities:

Redfin's Timely Alerts and Updates

Redfin, a popular real estate brokerage, effectively uses SMS to send real-time alerts about new listings and price drops that match the client's search criteria. Their approach is highly personalized, ensuring that the information sent via SMS is highly relevant to the receiver. This strategy not only keeps potential buyers informed but also drives quicker responses and viewing appointments, often leading to faster sales.

Zillow's Instant Property Info

Zillow offers an SMS feature where potential buyers can receive instant information about a property just by texting a specific number displayed on the property’s sign. Once a text is sent, Zillow replies with details about the property’s price, features, and photos, along with contact information for the listing agent. This method provides immediate value to users and captures potential buyer interest at the moment it is piqued.'s Lead Conversion Strategy implemented an SMS campaign targeting users who showed interest in specific properties online but did not take further action. They sent follow-up texts to these leads with additional information about the properties and options to contact real estate agents directly. This strategy helped convert passive interest into active inquiries, boosting their lead conversion rates.

Coldwell Banker's Text-to-Video Tours

Coldwell Banker used SMS to enhance property listings by providing virtual video tours. When prospective buyers texted a shortcode they saw on a sign or advertisement, they received a link to a video tour of the property. This approach not only provided a rich, engaging experience for buyers but also set the stage for further interaction and potential visits in person.

Local Real Estate SMS Campaigns for Open Houses

A regional real estate company ran a successful SMS campaign specifically for promoting open houses. They sent out SMS invitations to a targeted list of potential buyers who had previously expressed interest in similar properties. The messages included date, time, address, and a brief description of the property. This strategy resulted in higher attendance rates at open houses and increased engagement with the agency’s agents.

These examples demonstrate the effectiveness of SMS marketing in the real estate industry by showing how timely and relevant information can engage potential buyers, encourage immediate action, and ultimately lead to successful transactions. By adopting similar strategies, real estate professionals can leverage SMS marketing to enhance their client engagement and improve overall sales outcomes.

Real Estate Text Message Templates

SMS templates can be a valuable tool for real estate professionals, helping them to communicate efficiently and effectively with clients. Here are several templates tailored for different situations in the real estate process:

New Listing Alert

Hi [Client Name], exciting news! A new listing has just hit the market that matches your criteria: [Property Details]. Would you like to schedule a viewing? Let me know! -[Your Name]

Price Change Notification

Attention [Client Name], the price for the property at [Address] has just been reduced to [New Price]. This could be a great opportunity! Interested in a closer look? -[Your Name]

Appointment Reminder

Reminder: You have an appointment to view [Property Address] tomorrow at [Time]. Please reply YES to confirm or NO if you need to reschedule. See you there! -[Your Name]

Open House Invitation

Hi [Client Name], you're invited to an Open House at [Property Address] on [Date] from [Start Time] to [End Time]. Hope to see you there! -[Your Name]

Follow-Up After Viewing

Hi [Client Name], thank you for viewing [Property Address] today. Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss the property further? Let me know how I can assist you! -[Your Name]

Request for Feedback

Hi [Client Name], I hope you're well! Could you spare a moment to provide feedback on your house-hunting experience with us? Your insights would be incredibly valuable. Thank you! -[Your Name]

Holiday Greetings

Happy [Holiday], [Client Name]! Wishing you a joyful season with your loved ones. If your new year's plans involve a new home, I’m here to help! -[Your Name]

Closing Congratulation

Congratulations, [Client Name]! The keys to [Property Address] are yours now. It was a pleasure helping you find your perfect home. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance! -[Your Name]

Announcement for Market Update Event

Hi [Client Name], join us for a market update this [Day] at [Time]. Gain insights into current real estate trends and what they mean for you. RSVP now and secure your spot! -[Your Name]

Re-engagement Message

Hi [Client Name], I noticed we haven't spoken in a while. Are you still interested in finding a property in [Area]? Let’s catch up and discuss your current needs! -[Your Name]

These templates are designed to facilitate quick and effective communication, tailored to the specific needs and stages of the client’s journey in real estate. They can be easily customized to fit the tone and branding of the real estate professional using them.

The Best Real Estate SMS Marketing Platforms

SMS marketing platforms can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a real estate professional's communication strategy by providing tools for automation, scheduling, and personalization. Here are three top SMS marketing platforms that are particularly useful for real estate professionals:


Textla is a popular choice among real estate professionals for its robust features tailored specifically to the needs of the industry. It offers tools for sending mass text messages, scheduling messages in advance, and even segmenting contacts based on their interactions and preferences. Textla's strength lies in its ability to integrate with popular real estate CRM systems, which allows for seamless synchronization of contact details and interaction histories. This integration helps agents to personalize messages based on the specific needs and interests of each client, thereby improving engagement and response rates.


Twilio is a powerful platform that goes beyond simple SMS marketing to include a full suite of communication tools, such as voice, video, and email. For real estate professionals, Twilio’s programmable SMS services allow for the creation of highly customized communication solutions. Agents can build workflows to automate messages based on specific triggers, like a new property listing or a change in price. Twilio's API-first approach means it can be integrated into virtually any software ecosystem used by real estate agencies, making it extremely flexible and powerful.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is another excellent platform for real estate professionals due to its ease of use and effective marketing tools. It provides features such as MMS, group texting, and text-to-landline messaging, which are all valuable for real estate communications. EZ Texting excels in usability with a straightforward interface that makes campaign management accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise. The platform also offers tools for tracking and analyzing the performance of SMS campaigns, enabling real estate agents to measure the effectiveness of their messages and optimize future communications.

Each of these platforms offers unique advantages:

Textla is great for real estate agents looking for deep integration with their CRM systems and personalized messaging.

Twilio offers a robust, scalable solution that can be tailored to any communication need, including SMS, and is ideal for those who need a customizable platform.

EZ Texting provides an easy-to-use interface and essential features that make it ideal for those new to SMS marketing or with limited technical resources.

Choosing the right platform depends on the specific needs of the real estate professional, including their technical capability, the scale of their operations, and their specific marketing goals.

Launch SMS Marketing for Your Real Estate Business with Textla

As a real estate professional, you understand the importance of timely and personalized communication in nurturing client relationships and closing deals.

Textla is designed specifically to cater to the dynamic needs of the real estate market, integrating seamlessly with your existing CRM systems to provide a streamlined, efficient communication solution.

Personalized Messaging: Automatically send tailored property alerts, price updates, and exclusive offers directly to your client's phone, enhancing their experience and your professional rapport.

CRM integration: Easily synchronize with your current systems to make sure that every client interaction is unique and informed by their preferences and your previous communications.

Automated Campaigns: Set up automated text messages for new listings, open house reminders, and follow-ups. Spend less time managing communications and more time closing deals.

High Engagement: With industry-leading deliverability and read rates, your messages make a real impact, driving quicker responses and more effective engagements.

Streamline: Let Textla handle the heavy lifting of your communications so you can focus on what you do best—selling homes.

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